Edgar Allan Poe

a Critical Biography

by Arthur Hobson Quinn

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D. Appleton-Century Company, Inc.
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A.H.Q., Jr.

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Chapter I.  The Heritage

Chapter II.  Richmond— the Early Years

Chapter III.  The School Days In England

Chapter IV.  Richmond Again, 1820-1826

Chapter V.  The University of Virginia

Chapter VI.  "Tamerlane" and the Army

Chapter VII.  Hope Deferred— "Al Araaf"

Chapter VIII.  West Point and the "Poems" of 1831

Chapter IX.  Baltimore— the Early Fiction

Chapter X.  The Editor of the "Messenger"

Chapter XI.  Philadelphia— The "Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque"

Chapter XII.  At the Summit— The Editor of Graham's Magazine

Chapter XIII.  Following the Illusion

Chapter XIV.  New York— "The Raven" and other matters

Chapter XV.  The "Broadway Journal" and the "Poems" of 1845

Chapter XVI.  Widening Horizons— Friends and Enemies

Chapter XVII.  "Eureka"

Chapter XVIII.  To Helen and For Annie

Chapter XIX.   Richmond— The Last Appeal

Chapter XX.  The Recoil of Fate


Appendix I.  The Theatrical Career of Edgar Poe's Parents

Appendix II.  Original Records of the Poe and Clemm Families in Baltimore

Appendix III.  Edgar Poe's Birthplace

Appendix IV.  The Poe Family in Norfolk in 1811

Appendix V.  Where Did Elizabeth Poe Die?

Appendix VI.  Poe's Record in the Army and at West Point

Appendix VII.  The Tales of the Folio Club

Appendix VIII.  Poe's Revision of the "Phantasy Pieces"

Appendix IX.  Contracts for the "Broadway Journal"

Appendix X.  Griswold's Power of Attorney from Mrs. Clemm for the Publication of Poe's Works

Appendix XI.  Poe's Last Journey

Appendix XII.  A Possible New Poe Satire

Appendix XIII.  Bibliography